West End Zone

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West End Zone

The West End Zone is being constructed by Manhattan Construction out of Greenville, SC. The project will require selective demolition work and new construction at the existing west end zone that will transform Memorial Stadium into a state-of-the-art facility and become the stadium's new front door.


The project is split into two phases; the first phase is to be completed for use during the 2005 football season and the second is to be completed prior to the 2006 football season. Demolition includes removing existing buildings, slab-on-grade, footings, and portions of the West End Zone grandstand. The existing buildings house team locker rooms, concessions, and recruitment facilities which will all be replaced by innovated technology and facilities that will lead to recruiting top ranked student athletes.

Aerial Drawing of West End Zone


The West End Zone consists of 5 levels and a Mezzanine. It will provide more spacious team facilities, a recruiting lounge, and media room for the Clemson Tigers while maintaining compliance with the NCAA rules. For fans, there will be the addition of concessions, toilet facilities, and bench seating. Also available are private lounges, separate toilet facilities and concessions, and patron lockers for those who wish to purchase the new club level seating. On the roof level, there will be a camera platform available to capture the excitement of the Tiger's football game.

Entry of WestZone

Construction of the project is composed of concrete, steel, and glass to create a first-class facility for the Clemson Tigers and their fans. The West End Zone will utilize several concrete techniques such as cast-in-