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Yesterdaze Music (or Yesterdaze Records & CD's) was a music vendor "and other Grateful thangs" located up the staircase to the left of Nick's at 107-1 Sloan Street in Clemson in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Previously located in a storefront on Ram Cat Alley in Seneca, Mike West, the owner, moved the operation to Clemson in expectation that the college community would provide more trade than in Seneca. Unfortunately, the rise of digital musical downloading cut into his business such that he eventually had to close, despite having an excellent selection of vinyl records of various genre and vintage, as well as being VERY well connected to a bootleg c.d. source for live recordings of many artists including the Grateful Dead, and Frank Zappa, to name two. For a time he co-leased space in the upstairs loft to a retro-hippy clothes vendor.


According to new accounts in July 2012, Mike West has reopened Yesterdaze in a new location in Seneca.

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