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The 123 Truck Stop (or Truck Stop 123) was a diner long located just across Lake Hartwell from Clemson on US 76/US 123 towards Seneca at the top of the rise west of the merge of the Old Greenville Highway and what was once called the Seneca Road, on the south side of the road. It was almost directly across the highway from Betty's Place, a roadhouse bar. Their October 1977 Southern Bell yellow pages advert (page 106) states "regular dinners served daily except Saturday. Short orders, steaks, sea foods, chops." The restaurant's display ad on page 121 of the October 1979 Southern Bell yellow pages promised "good home cooking anytime."

A specialty was the 123 Burger, a double-patty hamburger, served with a plate of fried okra.

In the 1970s, when off-hours dining options were limited in the Clemson area, the 123 Truck Stop operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The business closed in the late 1990s, but reopened as Paw's Diner.


123 Truck Stop
123 By-Pass / Seneca Road
Clemson, South Carolina 29678

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