Seneca, South Carolina

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Seneca is a city of about 8,000 in Oconee County. The town is one of the larger municipalities near Clemson University. Lake Hartwell borders sections of Seneca and it is possible to navigate a boat from Seneca to the edge of the Clemson Campus. Seneca is home to Oconee Memorial Hospital which serves the medical needs of The University.

Seneca was founded after the Richard & Danville Railroad built a second rail line through the Pickens - Oconee County region in the 1870s, crossing the Blue Ridge Railroad at this site. The first auction sale of lots in the new community commenced on August 14, 1873. It was chartered on March 14, 1874. Its population in 1880 was 382. The population in 1970 was 6,382.

One notable resident of Seneca is Senator Lindsey Graham (R). Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards was born near Seneca and actually attended Clemson his freshman year. Another notable resident of Seneca now deceased was Brig. Gen. Reid Lawrence, USAF.