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Alumni Band is an annual gathering of former Tiger Band members sponsored by the Clemson University Tiger Band Association. First organized under the auspices of Dr. Bruce F. Cook and Dr. Richard Goodstein on October 8, 1983 at the Virginia game when ninety-plus recent Tiger Band members were recruited, Alumni Band has performed annually at the Homecoming game half-time ever since. Sneaky Dr. Cook did not seek higher authority's approval - he just quietly contacted former band members and polled them on whether they would be willing to participate in a genesis alumni band. The plankholding Alumni Band members were sprung on the Death Valley crowd as fait accompli! And the Tigers beat the Cavaliers, 42-21! According to unbiased RPAA testimony, in some recent years Alumni Band has been louder that those youngsters in Tiger Band. Annual participation has usually run between 100 and 150 members. On the occasion of Tiger Band's Fiftieth Anniversary, and Alumni Band's 23rd edition at the Duke game on November 5, 2005, Alumni Band had over 160 members registered, as many as marched in the 1974 edition of Tiger Band block band!

For the opening of the 2007 football season, Alumni Band marched 49 members in the First Sunday parade for the first time, as well as 139 at Homecoming.

For the 30th annual Alumni Band in the fall of 2012, plans are afoot to field 300 old time band members.

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