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Benet Hall is one of the Shoeboxes, located on the west side of campus adjacent to Sirrine Hall. It was completed in 1962. The architects were W. E. Freeman, Jr., & Associates. It is named for Life Trustee and President of the Board of Trustees, Christie Benet.

Benet is one of the First Year Experience (FYE) Dorms. For many years Benet was a coed dorm but has become an all male dorm for 2005-2006. Benet contains a larger study lounge on the second floor, which was formerly a computer lab. The first level of Benet also contains an apartment for the Resident Director for the area.

Benet is incorrectly pronounced BEN-it, not buh-NAY, the proper French Hugenot style.

Benet & the Clemson Sky (photo by Reid Howard)