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The Shoeboxes (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)

The Shoeboxes is a slang term used to describe the dormitories located on Clemson University's west side (Cope, Benet, Geer, Sanders, and Young) that resemble shoeboxes in shape and size.

An aerial view of these residence halls makes it obvious why they are known as "the shoeboxes." The five buildings, each housing 140 or 150 residents, are located near Clemson Memorial Stadium, Littlejohn Coliseum, and other major campus attractions. ATM machines, laundry facilities, Harcombe Food Court, the University Post Office, and the University Union are also nearby.

Benet Hall is named for Christie Benet, Life Trustee (1929-1951).
Cope Hall is named for F. E. Cope, Trustee (1926-1956).
Geer Hall is named for Bennette Eugene Geer, Trustee (1922-1928).
Sanders Hall is named for Paul Sanders, Life Trustee (1926-1960).
Young Hall is named for T. B. Young, Class of 1903, and Life Trustee (1932-1960).

These buildings have a TV lounge on each level and kitchens, complete with microwave ovens, on the lower levels.