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Blue Key is a service honor fraternity that sponsors, amongst other projects, Tigerama. The Clemson chapter of Blue Key was chartered in 1932. For many years, from the 1930s well into the 1950s or later, the Blue Key Directory was the handbook that contained the name, major course, home and school address, and post office box of the entire student body, and, as such, was regarded as one othe most useful documents on campus.

"Blue Key is recognized as the top honorary and leadership organization on the Clemson campus. Election to membership in the Blue Key is a sign of acknowledgement for scholastic achievement and participation in extra-curricular activities. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes. The qualifications for membership exemplify the fraternity's purpose which is the ambition for intellectual achievement and a desire to serve Clemson and fellow students." (TAPS 1962, page 323.)

"The purpose for which the Blue Key Honor Fraternity was established is clearly set forth in the Preamble to the Official Code, as follows:

"We, who have accepted the pledge of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, recognizing it as a basis of union, do ordain and establish for Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, this Constitution, in order that through organized effort among student leaders in American Colleges and Universities:

"(1) That belief in God will be perpetrated and intensified, the government of the United States will be supported and defended, and the established institutions of society and the principles of good citizenship will be preserved;

"(2) An ambition for intellectual attainment and a desire to serve college and fellows will be fostered among students in institutions of higher learning;

"(3) Student problems may be studied, student life may be enriched, and the progress and best interests in which the organization is found may be stimulated and promoted."

(TAPS 1957, Volume LXVII, page 280.)

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