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Tigerama is the Friday night portion of the Clemson Homecoming weekend experience. Sponsored by Blue Key, an extended pep rally is held, followed by a pyrotechnics display.

Student organizations compete, first to have their sketch proposals weeded out to determine the ones that will actually be staged, and then against one another during the production section of the Tigerama rally. Each year has theme - in 1999 it was about the upcoming millenium change, for example. A guest host emcee is standard. Tiger Band, the cheerleaders, and Company C-4 of the Pershing Rifles are also featured.

The first Tigerama was staged on November 8, 1957. Celebrating fifty years of tradition on October 20, 2006, Tigerama honors founder Joe Sherman with the theme, "There is Something in These Hills".

Originally held in Death Valley, the gathering has been moved to Littlejohn Coliseum in recent years, with the fireworks show moving from just outside the stadium near the ticket office to the lowlands near the East Bank of Lake Hartwell.

Station staffers at WSBF are instrumental in producing the skits, as the soundtrack to be played over the public address system is recorded beforehand at the station studios, with the players miming their lines during the Friday evening presentation.