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The Central Roller Mill was organized in 1902 by local Central businessmen. In a much smaller capacity, it stood where the present one is located. The mill was idle for a time during the Great Depression until it was bought in 1937 by A. J. Sitton, owner of the Pendleton Oil Mill.

C. B. Bryan had come to Central in 1940 to take charge of a cotton gin that had been in operation for many years near the new Roller Mill. Instead of running the gin, he became manager of the Roller Mill, serving in that capacity through 1973. He was assisted by W. W. (Bill) Norwood. The full capacity of the mill in the 1970s was 100 barrels of flour, 5,000 pounds of corn meal, and fifteen tons of mixed feed per day, with storage space for 80,000 bushels of grain.

The Roller Mill closed in the 1980s. It was occupied by an antiques business until recently. Plans to renovate it for new use are underway.

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