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The Cheap Seats Bus is growing to legendary status at Clemson University. Started in January 2003 by Dave Topham, Frank Murphy, Bryan Griffiths, and 15 other Clemson students, the "Cheap Seats" is a mini-bus that has been transformed into a tailgating machine. The bus is equipped with a wooden deck on its roof, a classic Clemson paint job, an assortment of deck furniture, and a grill. Whether looming above the centerfield wall at baseball games or claiming a prime tailgating spot for football games, the "Cheap Seats" is a staple at nearly every major Clemson athletic event. A theme song even exists for the bus: "Cheap Seats" by Alabama. The popularity of the bus among all ages ensures that it will remain an integral piece of the Clemson tailgating experience for many years. The Cheap Seaters sell a fund-raising tee-shirt depicting the Clemson baseball team running to the outfield fence to thank the bus boys and girls for their support. According to one account, the local fire marshall was concerned about the vehicle's presence against the outfield of the baseball stadium, but was politely asked to back off by athletic department officials who recognized that the Cheap Seats tradition is a good thing. Coach Leggett is a prime supporter of the Cheap Seats.

On October 28, 2009, the Cheap Seats Bus moved for the last time as it moved from winter storage on Highway 88 to Doug Kingsmore Stadium for permanent installation beyond the outfield fenceline.

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