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IPTAY stands for I Pay Ten A Year, a reference to membership costs when the Clemson collegiate club was formed. (Prices have risen somewhat since then.) The organization was founded at the home of Rupert H. Fike, M.D., on August 20, 1934, by nine Clemson boosters. Present at the Fike home were Milton Berry, Gene Cox, Bill Dukes, E. L. Hutchins, George Klugh, Jack Mitchell, J. R. Pennell, and George Suggs. By the end of 1935, the new club had recruited 185 members.

IPTAY supports and represents all of Clemson's various sports, is responsible for seat and parking assignments for football games, etc. Getting good seats through IPTAY is an expensive proposition - the club generates a surprising amount of revenue. IPTAY is also responsible for various booster and team-spirit events and promotions, such as the "Solid Orange" drive. IPTAY is the largest collegiate booster club in the nation with many tens of thousands of members.

The official publication of IPTAY for many years was the Orange & White.

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