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The Minaret Club, or simply, the Minarets, was a group of architecture students "who are tops in scholarship, personality, and strength of character," states the 1949 TAPS (page 52). "The organization was first introduced to give promising young architects a common ground on which to exchange ideas of their profession. In addition the club sponsors educational lectures, art exhibits, and demonstrations of architectural and engineering accomplishments for the interest and education of its members.

"The purpose of the Minarets is to promote the standards of the department and to bring into closer fellowship the members of the organization. Many former members, now practicing building and landscape architects, interior decorators, and contractors, are invited in to present programs of interest.

"Though professional in nature the social side of fraternity life is not neglected. For the enjoyment and entertainment of the brothers, banquets, intermission parties, and supper meetings are given and are greatly enjoyed by all who attend."

"The Minaret Bulletin" was a bisemester publication of the Architectural Department, sponsored by the Minarets fraternity. Its staff could include any student from that department, although the editor was required to be a member of the Minarets. "Through articles contributed by leading architects and builders, students and alumni are enlightened in the different aspects of the trade."

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[edit] Reference

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