November 2

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November 2 in Clemson History

  • 1861: Thomas Green Clemson, IV, speaks to the Farmers Society in Pendleton and publicly "Urged the establishment of a department of agriculture in the government of the Confederate States which, in addition to fostering the general interest of agriculture, would also serve as a sort of university of the diffusion of scientific knowledge and the improvement of agriculture." According to Beth Ann Klosky's "The Pendleton Legacy", (Sandlapper Press, Inc., Columbia, South Carolina, 1971, Library of Congress card number 73-143043, ISBN 0-87844-005-4), the proposed institution was to be called the Confederate States Scientific University (page 97).
  • 1911: The Tigers down the Gamecocks, 27-0, at the state fair in Columbia. Clemson leads series, 7-2.
  • 1918: During a 5-2 season, the Tigers administer 39-0 of spank to the Gamecocks in Columbia. South Carolina goes 2-1-1. This game was originally scheduled for Halloween but was moved back by the War Department edict against football trips in October.
  • 1929: The Tigers are thumped on roadtrip to Kentucky, 6-44.
  • 1935: Clemson meets Mercer in Augusta, Georgia, winnning, 13-0.
  • 1940: Clemson takes its number 10 ranking to Tulane but loses both it, and the game, 0-13. Some 35,000 watch as Clemson's 13-game winning streak is snapped.
  • 1956: As part of the Homecoming festivities, Central Dance Association presents Jimmy Sedlar and his band at the Friday night formal dance. Martha Rae Williams of Myrtle Beach is selected as Homecoming Queen during the soiree.
  • 1957: The Tigers play a night game at Rice, winning, 20-7.
  • 2006: The African Film Festival presents La Noire de... by Ousmane Sembene in the Daniel Communication Room at 6:30 p.m.

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