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Sloan Street Tap-Room is a bar located on Sloan Street in downtown Clemson.

General Info

Much like Nick's Tavern and Deli, it is a very relaxed-atmosphere bar. However, seldom will more than about half a dozen people be seen inside Sloan Street Tap-Room, although it does seem to have a faithful following of older locals. Sloan Street proclaims to have the coldest beer in Clemson. Owner Jimmy Howard is the son of Clemson coaching legend Frank Howard and can be counted on for forthright opinions on many topics, including Tiger athletics. Ask him for a "Blatz." The Tap-Room opened for business on October 25-26, 1979. Jimmy's original partner was Malcolm Smith. In January 2005, Jimmy remodelled the interior, removing the drop-ceiling and really opening up the space.

They have a dart-board and a pinball machine in the back. The current pinball machine is Stern's Elvis. Video poker machines were recently removed (Spring 2006), and replaced with a Silverstrike bowling game. A combination Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man machine is next to the pinball machine as of September 2007.

Popcorn is served for free - sometimes.


Unlike Nick's massive selection of beer, Sloan Street Tap-Room only carries a handful of brands; usually cheap domestics such as PBR, Busch Light, Bud Light, and a few others. While selection may be limited, the prices are usually dirt-cheap. Sloan Street Tap-Room does not sell any liquor drinks (due to the fact that the Lutheran Church is a block away).


  • The Unknown Coed on the wall was both drawn by, and posed for, by Holly E. Hamor, a Tiger junior staffer, who appeared in a spoof Buzzard advertisement for the "Saloon Street Clap Room", published March 14, 1980, page sixteen. Jimmy wrote his own copy for the very Buzzard-ish advert.
  • Tipping fails to piss off the bartenders.
  • The toilet in the men's restroom is an authentic toilet from the former Clemson jail.
  • Orange cushioned bar seats are former seats once used in the President's box in Death Valley stadium.
  • Beer is served in chilled glass with Sloan Street coozie.
  • Draft beer is $1.25; Canned beer is $2.25 (as of January 2008).


Sloan Street Tap-Room
(864) 654-7210
109 Sloan St
Clemson, SC 29631