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The Woodland Cemetery, or Cemetery Hill as it is more commonly known, is located on the wooded knoll adjacent to the South Stands of Clemson Memorial Stadium.


[edit] The Calhoun Family Plot

Although the official title of "The Woodland Cemetery" was conferred upon it in 1924 by the Clemson Board of Trustees, the site had been used as a cemetery for much longer. In 1825, John C. Calhoun purchased the Fort Hill plantation and the surrounding property. Twelve years later, the infant grandson of John C. Calhoun, John Caldwell, became the first member of the Calhoun family to be buried on the plot of land that would become known as Cemetery Hill. In the years that followed, 16 more members of the Calhoun family were buried on the Calhoun Family Plot.

[edit] The Woodland Cemetery

Upon the suggestion of President Walter Merritt Riggs to create a faculty cemetery for those "who may desire to avail themselves of the privilege", the Clemson Board of Trustees voted in July of 1924 for the creation of "The Woodland Cemetery". This was the result of a two year study conducted by a committee appointed by Riggs. In the end, the study determined the only proper place to honor such faculty members who would be buried here was upon Cemetery Hill adjacent to the Calhoun Family Plot.

[edit] The Woodland Cemetery Today

After being appointed President of Clemson University, James Frazier Barker made the following observation about the Woodland Cemetery:

"As President of Clemson University, I feel I have been given a sacred trust--the obligation to lead our community into the future while preserving and honoring our past. There is no place in which this sacred trust is more tangible than Woodland Cemetery, more commonly known as Cemetery Hill."

To this end, President Barker appointed the Woodland Cemetery Stewardship Committee in December 2000 and charged it to "protect and enhance the integrity, character and traditions of Cemetery Hill."

For those who wish for additional information on the Woodland Cemetery Stewardship Committee, refer to the Summer 2004 Clemson World article found at:

The Cemetery Chronicles

In an effort to educate Clemson alumni as well as the general public on the importance of Cemetery Hill and its inhabitants, the Woodland Cemetery Stewardship Committee and Clemson World launched the Cemetery Chronicles. In each quarterly edition of the Clemson World since Summer 2001, an article on either an inhabitant of the Cemetery or an important feature of the Cemetery has been featured.

Those who wish to view past articles featured in the Cemetery Chronicles may view them here: http://www.clemson.edu/clemsonworld/chronicles/.

[edit] Notable Inhabitants of the Woodland Cemetery

Since 1924, many men and women who have made oustanding contributions to Clemson have been buried on this sacred ground. The following list includes some of the notable names that can be found upon Cemetery Hill:

  • Walter Merritt Riggs, 5th President of Clemson College
  • Enoch Walter Sikes, 6th President of Clemson College
  • Joseph Sherman, Former Director of Alumni and Public Relations
  • David Wistar (D.W.) Daniel, Former Professor of English and Dean of the School of the Arts and Sciences at Clemson College
  • Robert Franklin Poole, 7th President of Clemson College
  • Frank James Howard, Former Clemson football, coaching legend.

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