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  • March 24: William Barre Aull, a future graduate of the Clemson Class of 1907, and a long-time Agricultural Department faculty member, is born in Newberry, South Carolina this date.
  • March 27: Thomas Green Clemson, IV, signs a codicil to his will confirming the main provisions and reemphasizing his educational goal, stating that his desire to found a school or college "has existed with me for many years past, and many years ago I determined to devote the bulk of my property to the establishment of an agricultural school or college. To accomplish this purpose is now the one great desire of my life." (Bryan, Wright, "Clemson: An Informal History of the University 1889-1979", The R.L. Bryan Company, Columbia, South Carolina, 1979, ISBN 0-934870-01-2, page 23.)
  • September: The public school of Seneca City is started in a small frame building.
  • John Heisman, future football coach at Clemson Agricultural College, plays football at Brown University, 1887-1889.
  • Richard Newman Brackett, Ph.D., (September 14, 1863-November 27, 1937), an associate professor of Chemistry at Clemson Agricultural College; from 1887 to 1891 he served the Arkansas Geological Survey as chief chemist before joining the original Clemson faculty in 1891. He served Clemson for 46 years and survived all other members of the first faculty.

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