August 29

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August 29 in Clemson History

Events on August 29 in Clemson's History

  • 1902: Dr. Patrick Hues Mell is elected to become then new president of Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina.
  • 1914: At a meeting of the Clemson Alumni Association held this date in the College Chapel, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:
"Resolved; That we respectfully petition the Board of Trustees of Clemson to name the new athletic field 'Riggs Field' in honor of President W. M. Riggs."
That motion was passed not on account of the distinguished services which Dr. Riggs has rendered to the College in the matter of athletics, but on account of the profound faith which the Alumni have in Dr. Riggs and as a token of the appreciation of his services to the College in all phases of College life. (The Tiger, "Dedication of Riggs Field", 28 September 1915, Volume XI, Number 2, page 4.)
  • 1915: Future Clemson basketball coach Petar Press Maravich is born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.
  • 2007: Freshman Clemson swimmer Amy Marie Moxie, who collapsed while jogging on August 28, died from a heart ailment that likely couldn't be detected beforehand, an autopsy revealed. She had aorta dissection, where a tear in the layer of the wall of the blood vessel leading from the heart can cause the entire blood vessel to rupture.

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