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Cooper Library at night
The walkway in front of Cooper Library

Cooper Library is Clemson University's main library, located at the center of campus, and is named for Robert Muldrow Cooper. Cooper Library's 6 levels house more than 1.5 million items, including books, periodicals, and microfilm. Cooper Library also contains a coffee shop, Java City on the 5th level, and a convenience store with snacks on the 4th level. The Library faces the Reflection pond. Outside Cooper Library, a large, elevated walkway, known as the Library Bridge, serves as a venue for student groups to sell items for fundraisers, advertise upcoming events and raise awareness for various social causes. The Bridge is also the site for the annual Clemson Rave.


In 1959 the Clemson Board of Trustees decided that Clemson University needed a new library to replace the old library located in the former Agricultural Hall. Groundbreaking took place in August 1964, and the library was officially opened by the end of August 1966, just in time for the start of that fall's classes.

The Cooper Library and reflection pond

The Library was originally designed for only 4 levels, expandable as needed. In 1972 the ground floor was opened for more room, and in 1978 Level 6 was added.

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