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The Clemson Paw crossed with oars


The team participates at many regattas on the east coast, including the Head of the Charles and Dad Vail regattas. The team hosts Clemson Sprints on Lake Hartwell in March every year.

Brief History

Founded in 1987, Clemson Crew is a coeducational club sport at Clemson University. Membership is available to all full time students at Clemson . No experience is necessary to join. Athletes of all sizes are welcome and needed. Team History

How the Club Operates

Clemson Crew is a student run organization. The board member positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising, Equipment Manager, Historian/Alumni Relations, Recruitment/Retention, Safety Officer, and Webmaster. These people handle all organizational aspects of running the team.

2007 - 2008 Board

2006 - 2007 Board

The coaches handle everything that goes on at practice and regattas.

2006 - 2007 Coaches

Parents and Alumni support Clemson Crew with donations of everything from food at regattas to donations that keep Clemson Crew running.

The Workout

Rowing is one of the best workouts for your body and as such burns many calories and strengthens many muscle groups. [1]

When conditions prohibit rowers from going out on the water the erg, or ergometer, is used to do the work out. [2]


Fall Season

The fall season is more of an endurance race of 5000 meter head races and peaks with the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, Massachusetts

Typically, you can find the team at the following regattas:

  • Tail of the Tiger
  • Chattanooga Head Race
  • Head of the Hooch
  • Head of the Charles
  • Head of the Tennessee
  • Head of the South

Spring Season

The spring season is more of an all out sprint of 2000 meters. These races take place on a course typically with 6 or more lanes and boats race side by side. The season peaks with Dad Vails in Philadelphia, PA.

Typically, you can find the team at the following regattas:

  • SERCs
  • Clemson Sprints
  • John Hunter Regatta
  • SIRAs
  • Dad Vail Regatta

Clemson Sprints and other Hosted Regattas

Clemson Crew hosts a regatta called Clemson Sprints every spring season and in 2007 Clemson Crew and Lake Hartwell was selected to host the Southeast Youth Rowing Championships. This brings in many high school rowers to Clemson's campus and many parents as well helping Clemson out both economically and gets Clemson's foot in the door with the parents and high school students.


All the boats are kept in Clemson Crew's Boathouse, located up the road between the Rugby Fields and Baseball Field and behind the Womens Rowing Building.

5 in 5 Plan

During the fall of 2004 season, the board sat down and spent a lot of time figuring out what the team needed to accomplish in the next five years to continue to be a premiere team in the southeast and extend our competitiveness to the national level. These discussions became the "5 in 5" program and resulted in a restructuring of the board.

The 5 goals are:

  1. Spirit of the Team
    • Address novice retention
  2. Money related goals
    • $10,000 micro fundraising per year
    • $20,000 macro fundraising per year
    • $500 commitment from 30 alumni per year
    • Form an Endowment
  3. Equipment related goals
    • One new boat every year
    • Evaluate the team's other equipment needs at the beginning and end of the Fall and the end of the Spring semesters.
  4. Recruiting
    • Take a proactive approach to recruiting
    • Develop an informational packet to send to junior teams
    • Have a designated overnight period for recruits to visit
  5. Coaching
    • Pay a coach $15,000 per year

The board has expanded to ten members to help acheive these goals and manage the increasing number of team members. The new positions are Macro and Micro Fund Raisers, Alumni Chair, Recruiting and Retention Chair, and Webmaster. [3]

Rowing Definitions

Head Race

A head race typically takes place in the fall. The race consists of boats are sent off at different times usually 10 to 15 seconds apart and race against the clock. The races are 5000 meters long.

Sprint Race

Boats race beside one another and race 2000 meters.

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