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Dr. Schmidt is an assistant professor of German in the Languages department. He teaches a variety of German classes at all levels including beginning, intermediate and advanced German and literature. Dr. Schmidt is probably best known for his ability to rap in German and his interest in popular music. He is a generally well liked professor with interesting lectures and fair tests.


From the German Department website

Johannes Schmidt is a native of Hamburg, Germany. B.A. in Germanistics, Linguistics, and Economics (Konstanz); M.A. in Germanic Languages and Literatures (University of Massachusetts); Ph.D. in German Literature (Hamburg). Before joining the Clemson family in January 2000, he worked part-time as a Computer and Network Consultant in Germany. He is the L&IT advisor for the German program, helps with study, internship and summer abroad, and teaches Business German, language, culture, and literature courses. "Herr" Schmidt’s pedagogical interests range from technology to music in the classroom. His specialty is German Rap Music, and he has expanded his teaching interested by holding several workshops. An article on "German Rap Music in the Classroom" has been published in Die Unterrichtspraxis in the Fall of 2003. Herr Schmidt cares about his students, but if you don't make a habit of going to class or have an early section that is easy to sleep through, be warned, attendance and class participation are crucial to your grade.


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