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February 6 in Clemson History

Events on February 6 in Clemson's History

  • 1844: Henry Aubrey Strode, Clemson Agricultural College's first president, born this date.
  • 1931: Sophomore Dance held.
  • February 5, 1943-February 6, 1943: Central Dance Association holds the Mid-Winter dance series with Jerry Wald and his Los Angeles-based band of musicians providing the entertainment for the concert on Friday afternoon, formal dance on Friday night, Saturday afternoon tea dance, and the Saturday night semi-formal dance. This was expected to be the last big war-time dance series. CDA President Tom Stanley stated that he is not worried about the no-driving ban, with almost 200 girls' names already posted promising at least a normal crowd. Flowers for the dance will be handled by Jack Payne and Shine Allan, "prominent members of the CDA." Decorater Buck Miller of the CDA said last week that there would be no decorations this year. Stanley announced the block ticket price as six dollars. (The Tiger, "Dance Roster Fills In Spite Of Driving Ban", Thursday 21 January 1943, Volume XXXVIII, Number 16, page 1.)
  • 1961: Pianist Roger Williams and his company are featured in the fourth concert of the Concert Series at 8 p.m. The first popular song recorded by Williams was "Autumn Leaves", in 1955, the only piano instrumental to reach the number one position on "Billboard" magazine's popular music charts. (Still true in 2009 - Ed.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cwXzT-NEgE Williams invites the audience backstage to visit him at all concerts. His interest in the public stems from a boyhood experience in Des Moines, Iowa. After a piano concert by the Polish genius Ignacy Jan Paderewski, young Roger waited for 45 minutes outside in the freezing cold to meet his idol. When the pianist finally appeared it was to rush to a waiting automobile. "I didn't even get near enough to touch him or get an autograph," says Williams. "It was then and there I resolved that if ever I became famous I would never disappoint annyone who wanted to talk to me." (The Tiger, Friday, 13 January 1961, Volume LIV, Number 14, page 1.)
  • February 6-February 10, 1961: Clemson observes National Religious Emphasis Week. Two speakers are presented. Dr. Edmund Perry speaks in the college auditorium in the evenings of February 7-February 9, and Dr. W. F. Dewan, C.S.P., speaks the same evenings in the College Chapel in the dormitories (located on the 8th level above the Loggia in Johnstone.) The public is invited to join Clemson students, faculty and staff to hear the visiting clergymen. Dr. Perry, a native of Georgia, received his A.B. degree from the University of Georgia in 1944, in philosophy, his B.D. in 1946 from Emory University and his Ph.D. from Northwestern in 1950. He has served as director of the Wesley Foundation at Georgia State College for Women and the Georgia Military College. He was assistant professor of religion at Duke University and director of undergraduate studies from 1950-1954. At present Dr. Perry is chairman and associate professor of history of religions department at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. He is also an ordained minister in the Methodist Church. Dr. Dewan, Catholic speaker for Religious Emphasis Week, will speak on subjects concerning the spiritual life, chosen primarily but not exclusively for Catholic students and faculty. Father Dewan will also direct a three-day retreat for Catholic students with a brief talk each morning before breakfast on "Thoughts for Today," preceded by Mass and Communion. (The Tiger, Friday, 13 January 1961, Volume LIV, Number 14, pages 1,3.)
  • 1975: The Clemson Little Theatre presents the Edward Albee play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in the Food Industries Auditorium. Admission is $2.50 for adults, $1 for students. Stanley Kubrick's cold war black comedy Dr. Strangelove¬†: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Bomb is shown free in Tillman Auditorium at 8 p.m. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgHSDa2Jwqc&NR=1
  • 1979: P.D.Q. Bach (Peter Schickle) concert in Littlejohn Coliseum. Snowstorm hits Clemson, President Edwards cancels classes.
  • February 5, 1980-February 6, 1980: Overnight snowfall leaves two and a half inches of accumulation, classes cancelled on Wednesday until noon.
  • 2007: Men's tennis plays at Georgia at 3 p.m. The Utsey Chamber Series Endowment presents Brazilian-born pianist Arnaldo Cohen in the Brooks Center at 8 p.m.. Free admission.

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