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Frank Dobson was Clemson's tenth head football coach, and the first Clemson basketball coach, and the first to be offered and sign a contract. Walter Merritt Riggs, president of the both the college and the Clemson Athletic Association, felt it was unfair to keep changing out coaches every year, and offered Dobson a three-year commitment, from 1910 to 1912. This is what some Clemson sources report - however, John Heisman's contract dated November 28, 1901 is reproduced on page 236 in "Clemson - Where The Tigers Play" by Sam Blackman, Bob Bradley and Chuck Kriese, (Sports Publishing, L.L.C., Champaign, Illinois, 2001) ISBN 1-58261-369-9.

Dobson was a professional baseball player with the Pittsburgh Nationals before coming to Clemson, and had attended Peddie Institute. At Clemson, he coached football, basketball, and baseball. He was the school's first basketball coach, leading the Tigers to their only undefeated season in history during the inaugural season, 1911-1912 (4-0). In 1912-1913, the Clemson roundball team finished the season, 9-5.

He was head baseball coach from 1911 to 1913.

In his three seasons, he led the Tigers in 24 games, achieving an 11-12-1 record, for a winning percentage of .479.

Preceded by: John Stone Clemson University Football Coaches Succeeded by: Wayne Hart

Preceded by: No One Clemson University Basketball Coaches Succeeded by: J.O. Erwin