Hardin Hall

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Main entrance of Hardin Hall
The back of Hardin Hall from the Cooper Library (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)
Hardin Hall (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)

Built in 1890 by convict labor as the Chemistry Building and later named for President of the Agricultural College, Mark Bernard Hardin, Hardin Hall is the oldest classroom building on campus. Located between Brackett Hall and Olin Hall, Hardin Hall houses the Philosophy and Religion, and History departments.

Hardin Hall has been renovated several times and was almost destroyed in a fire on August 10, 1946. During the recent restoration, Clemson kept the building's history by preserving much of the exterior brickwork and even returned a classroom to its original appearance. The historic classroom has all hardwood floors, blackboards, and antique wooden desks that have been carefully restored. However, among the arched windows and antique oak bannisters, is one of Clemson's Smart Classrooms, bringing the art of lecturing into the computer-driven 21st century. Hardin Hall was reopened in 2003.

In the early 1960s, the Industrial Management Department was located in the 1900-era section of Hardin Hall.