November 30

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November 30 in Clemson History

  • 1892: Dr. Henry Aubrey Strode, Clemson's first president, resigns, citing ill health. He becomes a professor of mathematics.
  • 1899: In the second meeting with Georgia Tech, Clemson is again victorious, 41-5, in a game played in Greenville, South Carolina. The Tigers finish season, 4-2, while Tech suffers 0-5 outcome.
  • 1905: Georgia Tech defeats the Tigers in Atlanta, 10-17, to give them a dominating 5-0-1 lead in the series. Clemson finishes the season with a 3-2-1 record.
  • 1911: Georgia Tech downs the Tigers, 0-31, in Atlanta, Georgia. Clemson has a 3-5 season record. Tech closes trailing series record to 6-5-1.
  • 1933: The Tigers travel to Greenville to conclude 3-6-2 season with loss to Furman, 0-6.
  • 1959: Singer April Stevens single "Teach Me Tiger" is released on the Imperial label and will stay on the WSBF top 40 playlists for several years.
  • 1968: Clemson plays inaugural basketball game in Littlejohn Coliseum, defeating Georgia Tech, 76-72.
  • 1979: The Son Seals Blues Band performs in the Clemson House ballroom, sponsored by CDCC.
  • 2006: The Clemson University Choral Ensembles present a varied program of traditional and seasonal selections. Featured ensembles include the Clemson University Singers, Men's Glee, and Women's Glee. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for students, general seating.
  • 2007: Terry Don Phillips backs down from his statement of November 29:
Yesterday I sent an e-mail and posted on our web site my expression that we did not condone the billboard on I-26 in Columbia. There has been reaction on both sides of this issue. While I still hold the basic opinion that was expressed, I should have stated that I recognize that in a rivalry such as this--both sides, whenever the opportunity presents itself, are going to take shots at one another. And, not necessarily because of poor sportsmanship-but, rather, that's the nature of the rivalry. Accordingly, I do owe a public apology to the Jackson family and to those that took offense. Even though I stand by my initial reasoning regarding sportsmanship issues, I recognize that my action was a mistake in how I handled this issue as well as the wording of the message.
Again, my apology. Terry Don Phillips

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