Pat Belew's Gold Nugget

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Pat Belew's Gold Nugget was a beer-serving restaurant that preceded Nick's in that location on Sloan Street in the mid-1970's. Serving a typical bar menu of sandwiches and side orders, the Gold Nugget was Pat Belew's original business in Clemson, opened on March 7, 1974. (The Tiger display advert, Friday 1 March 1974, Volume LXVII, Number 22, page 20.) It featured a bar, pinball machines, free-standing tables and plastic chairs, but no booths. In the spring of 1975, Belew opened a second establishment, "Pat Belew's Hotdog Stand", on College Avenue, but his finances were shaky, and in 1976 Belew packed his stuff into a van and vamoosed from town leaving a number of unhappy creditors. Both of his enterprises closed with his unexpected departure from Tigertown. The Gold Nugget would reopen on February 26, 1976 as Nick's under the management of Nick Vatakis and Milton Antonakos with remodelled decor. The original Gold Nugget sign is on the reverse of the current Nick's sign.