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  • February 16: The Confederate submersible CSS H.L. Hunley successfully attacks the USS Housatonic, a wooden-hulled cruiser of 1,240 tons mounting thirteen heavy guns, which is blockading Charleston Harbor, anchored of Breech's Inlet about 5 1/2 miles ESE of Fort Sumter. Using a spar torpedo, the Hunley sinks the vessel at 9 p.m. in 27 feet of water, five crew never found . Unfortunately, the Hunley is lost with all nine hands during its return trip. (Campbell, R. Thomas, "Gray Thunder: Exploits of the Confederate States Navy', Burd Street Press, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 1996, Library of Congress card number 95-47584, ISBN 0-942597-99-0, pages 165-167.) Clemson Agricultural College industrial education students fabricate a replica of the sub in 1961 which is now on display at the State Museum in Columbia. The Hunley is discovered and raised from the bottom of the harbor on August 8, 2000. It is now undergoing stabilization and preservation in Charleston.

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