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1894 in Clemson History

Events that occurred in 1894:

  • The Calhoun Forensic Society is founded, the campus' oldest organization.
  • The Pershing Rifles is founded by 2nd Lt. John J. Pershing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • January 4: "1893 STATUTES AT LARGE OF SOUTH CAROLINA No. 463:.
"AN ACT to Authorize and Empower the Trustees of Clemson Agricultural College to Aid the County Commissioners of Oconee and Pickens Counties in Purchasing Ravenel's Bridge, Over Seneca River, in Oconee and Pickens Counties.
"SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of same, That the Trustees of Clemson Agricultural College be, and they are hereby, authorized and empowered to aid the County Commissioners of Oconee and Pickens in purchasing from the owners [of] Ravenel's Bridge, over the Seneca River, in Oconee and Pickens Counties, and pay for the same out the funds appropriated by the State to said College: Provided, That they do not pay more than fifteen hundred dollars for the same: Provided, further, That the State shall not be held liable in any manner whatever for the rebuilding or repairing said bridge.
"Approved January 4th, A.D. 1894."
  • March 1: W. W. Routten born. He will serve as an assistant professor of wood work at Clemson Agricultural College from September 1913 until his death on October 10, 1918.
  • May 22: Tillman Hall catches fire early in the morning, on the top floor, which was then the Preparatory Department and most of the interior is destroyed. It is, of course, rebuilt. For a time it appears that the barracks might burn as well, and cadets remove their belongings to the small parade ground south of the Main Building. Fortunately, the dorms are spared.
  • July 1: The Southern Railway Company is formed by J. P. Morgan & Company, New York Bankers, consolidating a number of bankrupt Southern rail lines, including the Richmond and Danville Railroad, which serves Calhoun, South Carolina.
  • Fall: W. M. Williams, Clemson's future second head football coach, leading the Tigers for one season, in 1897, a native of West Point, Georgia, plays at Auburn in 1894, 1895 and 1896 under Coach John Heisman, and is considered the best blocking halfback in the south.
  • November 9: Preston B. Holtzendorff, Jr., future manager of the Clemson Y. M. C. A., is born. (http://files.usgwarchives.net/sc/oconee/cemeteries/c243a.txt)
  • December 21: The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association is founded by Dr. William Dudley, Dean of the Vanderbilt University Medical College. The original members included Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Vanderbilt. Clemson, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Tulane would join a year later. (Data from Wikipedia article).

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