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1897 in Clemson History

Events that occurred in 1897:

ad of the college.

  • October Volume One, Number One (Vol. I, No. 1) of the Clemson College Chronicle is published by the Calhoun, Columbian and Palmetto Literary Societies of Clemson Agricultural College. First editor-in-chief is Arthur Buist Bryan. Page 36 states that "[w]e have in college at present about 260 cadets, of which number about 60 are 'rats'."
  • October 2: Meeting of the Old Stone Church Association. Chancellor W. E. Boggs of the University of Georgia speaks, his topic "Science Does Not Alter Our Creed." (The Chronicle, November 1897, V.1, N.2, page 50.)
  • October 8: Palmetto Literary Society oratorical contest held. Percy W. Moore delivers winning oration, "America and Her Sons." (The Clemson College Chronicle, November 1897, Vol. I, Number 2, pages 24-30.)
  • October 9: Clemson takes on the University of Georgia for the first time in a game played in Athens. The Tigers are blanked, 0-24.
  • October 22: A resolution is adopted by the three societies to have inter-society debate every two weeks. (The Chronicle, December 1897, V.1, N.3, pages 44-45).
  • October 23: The Tigers beat the Charlotte "Y" in an away game, 10-0, the sole meeting with this squad.
  • October 25: Clemson meets North Carolina for the first time, played away at Chapel Hill, but the Tigers fall, 0-28.
  • October 26: Senior class meets to elect class orator. (The Chronicle, November 1897, V.1, N.2, page 46).
  • October 29: Fourth anniversary of the Calhoun Literary Society held in Memorial Hall (Tillman Auditorium) in the evening. Orator is Dr. Woodward, president of South Carolina College, his topic is "The College and the Citizen." (The Chronicle, November 1897, V.1, N.2, page 47).
  • Wednesday November 10: Clemson, in Orange and Blue, defeats the South Carolina College Jaguars for the first time, 20-6, evening the record at 1-1, in a game played during the State Fair in Columbia. The Tigers' season record is 2-2. SCC's final record is 0-3. The Chronicle puts the number of spectators at 2,000 (November 1897, V. 1, N. 2, page 35) Tickets cost 25 cents. South Carolina College, who would become the University of South Carolina, never led the series again.
  • December 9: Clemson's second commencement held, 25 graduate, eleven in mechanical, 14 in agricultural. "In many respects this commencement is peculiar; it is the last to be held in midwinter, the Board of Trustees having decided that hereafter, vacation shall be given in the summer as in most of our colleges; it does not mark the close of the present college year except for the graduating class, the other classes go on till June, in which month commencement will be held in the future." - The Chronicle, February 1898, Volume One, Number Five, page 35.
  • December 31: The Chronicle reports that a Christmas ball was given at the hotel. "It is true that we had a very small crowd as a great many of the young people were not on the campus, but those who were here enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent," said the January 1898 issue, (V.1, N.4, page 32).

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