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  • 1913: The Clemson College Rifle Club has a meet with Vermont.
  • 1957: First of two Spring Dances is held, the Military Department sponsoring the Military Ball on Friday night with music provided by saxophonist Sam Donahue and his Orchestra. Shortly before intermission, the Executive Sergeants form the traditional sabre arch and the Honorary Cadet Officers, chosen by Scabbard and Blade, are presented to the crowd. Miss Mary Jane Webster, of Greenville, South Carolina, is presented as the Honorary Cadet Colonel. "In weather too good to pass up, many parties journeyed to the mountains for a gay houseparty and returned Saturday to wind up a wonderful Spring Dance." (TAPS 1957, Volume LXVII, page 158.)
  • 1978: The Southern Railway petitions the Interstate Commerce Commission to discontinue Southern Crescent passenger train service on this date, due to rising operation costs.
  • 1986: The Board of Trustees meets to confer the title of president emeritus on Walter T. Cox. In a certificate of appreciation, board chairman Louis Batson, Jr. writes:
"During his eight months as Clemson's tenth president, Walter Thompson Cox moved swiftly and decisively and with patient firmness of purpose to restore the confidence of the faculty, staff and student body, to boost the morale of alumni and friends, and to reestablish with the people and leaders of South Carolina Clemson's reputation for high standards and sound management."
  • 1994: Kurt Cobain, leader of Seattle grunge band Nirvana, commits suicide with a shotgun.
  • 2000: Architecture, Arts & Humanities: Harvey Gantt is the featured speaker for Honors and Awards Day, Brooks Center, 3:30 p.m.
  • 2003: Oliver Purnell is named as the new Clemson head basketball coach.
  • 2006: University Provost Dori Helms names Lawrence R. Allen Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Human Development, and Kay Wall as Dean of Libraries.
  • 2010: The Clemson Wiki main page tallies hit 97,000.

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