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Bud Saunders served as Clemson's fourteenth head football coach, leading the Tigers for four years, 1923-1926.

Saunders was a 1911 graduate of Missouri with a bachelor's degree in Law. While an undergraduate, he played football and basketball. He wanted to play on two other teams, but conference rules of the time prohibited a student from playing more than two sports.

Saunders came to Clemson in 1923 from Knox College where he was the football coach. He led the Clemson football team for four seasons. He also coached basketball in 1923-1924 and 1924-1925. His football squads produced records of 5-2-1 in 1923, 2-6 in 1924, 1-7 in 1925, and 2-7 in 1926. In 33 games, his record was 10-22-1, for a .318 winning percentage, the second worst in Clemson football history.

He resigned in mid-season on October 4, 1926, following an 0-47 shut-out at Auburn on October 2. Josh Cody was named as his replacement on October 15, 1926.

As basketball coach he compiled a 6-28 record.

Preceded by: E. J. Stewart Clemson University Football Coaches Succeeded by: Josh Cody

Preceded by: E. J. Stewart Clemson University Basketball Coaches Succeeded by: A. A. Gilliam