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[edit] Master's of Public Administration

MPA is the abbreviation for Master's of Public Administration

Taken from the Clemson University MPA homepage:

In 1992 the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education approved the Joint MPA Degree Program -- a partnership between Clemson University and the University of South Carolina. The program is offered at The University Center of Greenville.

The program was created to meet the demand for qualified people to fill roles in the public service, as well as the private and nonprofit sectors. Graduates of the program are awarded a Master of Public Administration degree by USC and Clemson jointly.

The objectives of the joint MPA Degree Program are to train qualified students for careers in governmental services and related areas and to enhance the background and skills of those already in positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The program is designed to provide a fundamental grounding in the basic elements of public administration, while permitting sufficient flexibility for students to pursue special interests and skills.

The MPA degree has proven very attractive to prospective employers. Recipients of the degree typically pursue administrative careers in government. Others are employed in nonprofit agencies and in private sector companies that do business with public agencies. Recently, students have begun to combine the MPA degree with other degrees such as MBA and PRTM. With the MPA base, they are even more attractive to prospective employers.

The MPA program is directed by Dr. Robert Smith and courses are taught by both Clemson University Political Science faculty, and some faculty members from the University of South Carolina.

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