September 12

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September 12

  • 1851: John Edward Wannamaker, future Life Trustee and president of the Board of Trustees of Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina, is born at Poplar Springs in the St. Matthews area of South Carolina. (Reference: Reel, Jerome V., The High Seminary, vol. 1: A History of the Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina, 1889-1964, Clemson University Digital Press at the Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, 2011, ISBN 978-0-9842598-9-2, page 52.)
  • 1903: Y.M.C.A. holds reception for "rats", followed by "warm" reception from old boys. (The Oconeean, Volume Two, 1904, page 76).
  • 1915: "Under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A., Dr. D. W. Daniel, our efficient English professor who has for the previous three months lectured with a chatauqua, gave last Sunday night one of his interesting and beneficial lectures on "The Measure of a Man." About four hundred cadets and visitors gathered in the college chapel and for thirty minutes gave their undivided attention to the speaker. Dr. Daniel spoke of the many kinds of standards of measurement used in scientific work today, the fraud exhibited when these are copied from, and the failure on the part of manufacturers to make proper instruments of measurements. He said that "the body is not the measure of a man, tho every man should strive to be physically strong, as the creator intended. Clemson men often put the measure of their manhood on the wrong things. Often they are led away by those of high and fast society, which in many cases leads to dissipation and ruin. Dissipation for one night is momentary pleasure, but in the end it is a disgrace. Examine all shame resultant from such a course of conduct and do not be led astray by those who are pretended friends," he said, in part. Further, Dr. Daniel stated that "Man can not be measured by his money. The one in bankruptcy who kills himself to shun his debts is not a man. The rich Dives who eats and drinks to his heart's content without feeding his neighbor's starving children can not be called great. Man is measured by his character, the result of habit - that which money can not buy, society can not confer upon one, and ancestors can not hand down. Character should be formed when one is young. It is not advisable to take any man as a model, but look to the life of Christ, who died to save a wicked world, as the one whom all men should have for a model." (The Tiger, "Grand Lecture By Dr. Daniel", 21 September 1915, Volume XI, Number 1, page 1.)
  • 1926: "The boys at Vesper services Sunday night experienced a rare treat in the form of a reading by "Holtzy" from Dean Brown's book of 'Yale Talks,' on the 'Fighting Instinct.' He brought out the fact that a Christian can and should fight when necessity arises. It is not becoming of a man not to protect his loved ones and his personal rights.
"The new Victrola added much to the service in that it was something new. It is hoped that the new Victrola will be used each Sunday night at Vespers.
"The attendence was very good for the start. We hope that the attendence will increase."
(The Tiger, Wednesday 15 September 1926, Volume XXII, Number 1, page 3.)
  • Week of September 12, 1926: The new Shop Building (later named Riggs Hall) is ready for occupancy. The Tiger, Wednesday 15 September 1926, Volume XXII, Number 1, page 1.)
  • 1970: B.J. Thomas and the Peace Corps perform in Littlejohn Coliseum, admission is $3, dress is casual.
  • 1975: The Board of Trustees meets in Sikes Hall at 9 a.m. Second annual First Friday Parade, this year named "Dam the Wave" in recognition of first game opponent, the Tulane Greenwaves. The Union holds the Blast Tulane Beer Bust at the Y Barn with a live band, the Anderson Redding Company. Admission is two bucks, beginning at 8 p.m.
  • 1992: Fifteenth-ranked Tigers host fifth-ranked Seminoles in a night game, falling to the eventual national number two team (11-1), 20-24.
  • 2006: Introduce your family to the power and beauty of musical theater at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts. Designed to educate and entertain, Discover Theater! presents an adaptation of the timeless stories of "Disney's Cinderella KIDS" and "The Jungle Book KIDS." Discover valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork and ingenuity through the memorable stories and songs of these beloved Disney classics. One hour beginning at 7 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for students with general admission seating.
  • 2007: The ClemsonWiki project Main Page tallies its 32,000th hit.
  • 2015: Still ranked number 12, Clemson defeats Appalachian State in Death Valley, 41-10.

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