December 16

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December 16 in Clemson History

  • 1852: The Blue Ridge Railroad is chartered to build a line from Edgefield via Abbeville, Anderson, and Walhalla in South Carolina; Rabun Gap in Georgia; and down the Little Tennessee River in North Carolina and Tennessee to Knoxville. Only the section between Belton, Anderson and West Union, and later, Walhalla, is ever completed.
  • 1896: First Clemson students graduate, fifteen in agriculture and twenty two in mechanics.
  • 1943: "A fire which started in the early morning hours of Dec. 16 threatened Clemson's entire downtown business district and did an estimated damage of $10,000. The Clemson Cadet Corps Fire Company was called out at 2:00 a.m. and exhibited their ability to handle an emergency. The fire, which raged for over an hour in icy weather, started in the Cash Grocery Store, operated by Mr. Edwards, and quickly spread to the kitchen of the Clemson Grill. Clinkscale's barn, housing two cars and two trucks, was next to catch. It burned to the ground. The fire then spread to Bob Smith's filling station where it was extinguished after destroying his garage and wrecker. Fire fighting equipment from Seneca and Anderson was on hand to stop the fire before it could spread to Hoke Sloan's store on one side or Anderson's filling station on the other. The main telephone and power cables were temporarily isolated during one of Clemson's first cold spells. Repair and construction began the following morning and all will soon be in good condition." (The Tiger, "Fire Consumes Part Of Clemson Business Section", Thursday 20 January 1944, Volume XXXIX, Number 6, page 4.)
  • 1974: Unit 3, the third and final nuclear reactor at the Oconee Generating Station, is placed on line by Duke Power.
  • 1980: Thirty-six foster children in Pickens County are hosted at a Christmas party at Chanelo's Pizza by owner Herb Chanell and the Pickens County Department of Social Services, the only holiday treat coordinated by DSS for the children. During the celebration, Santa visits and hands out presents that were donated by Dot and Lloyd Johnson of Liberty. Many of the gifts were made by Mrs. Johnson. A DSS trio leads the children in singing Christmas carols. Members of the trio were Mrs. Brigitte Scott of Six Mile, Ms. Jane Price of Clemson, and Mrs. Rosie Jordan of Easley. "It was a heartwarming occasion, one that pointed to the real meaning of Christmas for all of us," said Mrs. Cindy Patterson of the DSS who coordinated the event. This was the second year that Herb Chanell has provided the holiday treat for Pickens County children who cannot be with their natural parents. ("Chanelo's holds party for foster children", The Messenger, Wednesday 7 January 1981, page 8-A.)
  • 1984: The Clemson Soccer Team defeats second-ranked Indiana, 2-1, in the national championship game, played in the Kingdome, Seattle, Washington. Clemson becomes the first team (regardless of sport) in NCAA history to defeat the top four seeds in a post-season tournament.
  • 2006: Final day for exams for fall semester.

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