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January 21 in Clemson History

[edit] Events on January 21 in Clemson's History

  • 1907: The Tiger is founded. Front page headline of Volume 1, Number 1 describes "The [Georgia] Tech - Clemson Game" played on Thanksgiving, with the Tigers winning, 10-6.
  • 1944: The SS Ben Robertson is delivered, after only 64 days abuilding.
  • 1971: The Astro III hosts an exclusive showing of Twentieth Century Fox's film Tora Tora Tora, as their grand opening.
  • 1975: Sponsored by the Christian Science Organization at Clemson University, Charles Ferris presents a lecture-discussion explaining the Christian Science philosophy.
  • 1978: The Union and CDCC present The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 7 p.m. in Tillman Auditorium, followed by Crack The Sky in concert at 9 p.m.
  • 1982: Clemson Day is declared by the South Carolina State Assembly to honor the Clemson Tigers undefeated National Championship football season that was capped off with the 22-15 victory over the University of Nebraska in the the 1982 Orange Bowl in Miami.
  • 1985: "A Pipeline Full Of Drugs" is featured in the January 21, 1985 issue of Sports Illustrated. The article begins with an account of the death of 23-year-old world-class track athlete, Augustinius Jaspers, in his dorm room at Clemson University, and the subsequent discovery by investigating police of unlabeled prescription drugs in his belongings. The story continues to describe the resignation of two Clemson coaches implicated in illegal distribution of such drugs, Stan Narewski, men's track and cross-country coach, and Sam Colson, women's track and cross-country coach and strength and conditioning coach, and their admission of supplying the drugs to student-athletes.
  • 2007: The Lady Tigers play at Boston College, but lose, 64-69.
  • 2009: The Tigers preserve their NCAA record of the number of losses at an away venue, extending it to 0-54 in Chapel Hill as North Carolina beats the men's basketball team, 70-94.

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