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January 22 in Clemson History

Events on January 22 in Clemson's History

  • 1902: Dissent on campus among the students over the college's rigid military discipline and overcrowding in the barracks, among other things, leads to in-fighting between the student body and faculty, some of whom, it becomes obvious, are hated by the cadets. Senior James Lynah ill-advisedly steals a turkey from the yard of history professor W.S. Morrison and his graduation is held up. The senior class petitions the faculty to let him graduate. The senate cannot muster the three-fourths majority required to expell Lynah during its January 22-January 23 meeting, but suspends the cadet indefinitely. The secret proceedings of the meeting become known to the students within the day, revealing that at least one faculty member, sympathetic to the students, leaked the debate. An outraged President Henry Simms Hartzog calls a special meeting of the professors and denounces the "eavesdroppers or traitors in the Faculty" and describes "the condition of affairs" as "annoying, serious, and disgraceful." Eventually, Lynah is allowed to graduate, and becomes a loyal alumnus.
  • 1924: The campus is stunned to learn that popular President Walter Merritt Riggs has died in Washington, D.C. while on a trip to attend a meeting of land-grant college officials. He had not complained that he had severe chest pain for several weeks and he suffers a coughing and choking fit which he does not survive.
  • 1971: The Astro III opens for business, Clemson's third theatre, after the Clemson Theatre across from Judge Keller's Store, and the YMCA Theatre on campus in what is now Holtzendorff Hall. The Astro III is a single screen theatre as designed and will not be subdivided until the late 1980s. It is operated by Star Theatres of Greenville, Inc.
  • 1975: Margaret Bradley Poole, widow of former Clemson President Robert Franklin Poole, dies at her daughter's home in Sumter. She was founder of the Clemson University Women's Club and the Beta Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority.
  • 1975: The Clemson basketball team breaks three-year jinx in play with the ACC Big Three opponents (Maryland, N.C. State, and North Carolina), upsetting the third-ranked Terps, 83-82, in front of record crowd of 11,800 in Littlejohn Coliseum.
  • 1980: The Performing Artists Series presents Muriel Bach in "Freud Never Said It Was Easy" in Daniel Auditorium.
  • 1987: Eight inches of snow blanket Clemson, President Max Lennon cancels classes on Thursday, but is criticized for not also cancelling Friday as campus sidewalks remain icy. Some cumulative 22 snow and ice related injuries are reported by The Tiger, the most serious of which occurred Thursday night when an unidentified student, sledding down the hill leading to Shotgun Alley, runs into a metal guard post, suffers a head injury that causes him to lose consciousness, said Jack Abraham, university fire marshall. The victim was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital. (Ellis, Bob, editor-in-chief, "Snow causes injury", The Tiger, Friday 30 January 1987, Volume 80, Number 16, page 1.)
  • 2007: The Men's basketball team is ranked 17th in the USA Today/CNN Coaches poll and 19th in the Associated Press poll, with an 18-2 record.

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