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Richard F. Simpson (d. October 29, 1882) was a native of Laurens District, South Carolina, a graduate of the South Carolina College, and for many years a lawyer at Laurens Court House; a soldier with the rank of major in the Florida war; a member of both branches of the General Assembly of his native State; three terms (1842-1848) a member of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States; and a signer of the Ordinance of Secession of the State of South Carolina.

He married Margaret Taliaferro, a native of the Anderson District, South Carolina, whose parents were Virginians by birth.

Simpson was one of three representatives named on November 24, 1866 to a committee for pursuing the creation of an institution for agricultural advancement by the Agricultural Society of Pendleton, Anderson District, S. C., that would become Clemson Agricultural College. The other two members of the committee were Col. W. A. Hayne and the Hon. Thomas G. Clemson.

His son, Richard Wright Simpson, would be the executor of Thomas Green Clemson's will, and later, the first Chairman of the Clemson Board of Trustees.

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