Silas Pearman Boulevard

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Silas Pearman Boulevard was known as Perimeter Road until around 2003. It is the road that marks the southern border of Clemson University, and connects to US 76 on one end, and SC 93 on the other. From it you can access Kite Hill, the South Carolina Botanical Gardens, R1 R2 and R3, the entrance to the Lightsey Bridge apartments, the back entrance of Death Valley, and a number of other things.

A lot of runners use this road, even though it only has sidewalks along the western half. During game days, Perimeter turns one-way (in pregame, out postgame) and is roped off, but you'll still see plenty of cars parked in the ditches along side.

Regardless of its official name, the vast majority of students, faculty, and locals around Clemson still refer to it as Perimeter Road and the intersection signs are still so marked.

Silas Nathaniel Pearman, Sr. (1924) served as a Chief Highway Commissioner of the South Carolina Highway Department (Now DOT) for over 15 years until his retirement in 1976.