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The Static exotic nightclub for men and women was the fourth incarnation of the strip club on US 123 between Clemson and Seneca. Opened originally as Goodbodies, then as Chelsea's, and then Tiger Tails, it occupied the same location on the south side of the highway as always. The new management took over Tiger Tails in April 2006 and painted over the creepy Tiger Women artwork but initially the facility remained largely unchanged. Curiously, the name of the bar was not displayed anywhere on the exterior of the business. Larry Picker, the new owner, explained that new advertising laws prohibited him from posting signage within a mile of the establishment. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. He is also a loyal West Virginia Mountaineer. The women looked better, too. The trailer skank with jail tattoos was no longer dancing. The Static (not to be confused with a European gay club with a similar web address - ahh, the wonders of the internet!), periodically placed adverts in Bootleg Essential Culture, a weekly entertainment publication, promoting both the club and soliciting nubile young ladies who might want to supplement their grant-in-aid monies. The Static had full liquor licensing, although it only served beer after 2 a.m. The dee-jaying had, for the most part, gone to a computerized source, rather than "two turntables and a microphone." The owner, whose wife is South American, had a great appreciation for good beer and kept a small selection of excellent imports on hand.

Throughout late 2006 and into 2007, the owner revised the establishment, moving the bar to the north side of the place, and, charmingly, added a screen door which slammed at the main entrance, as well as relocating the sound booth from the the center of the main dance room to the southwest corner, and completely stuccoing the interior walls. No small amount of coin hath he dropped!

In August 2007, Larry observed to this writer that certain upstate radio stations who happily run adverts for "Hooters", would not accept radio spots for the Static, no matter how cleanly edited. I don't suppose the fact that Max Lennon, former Clemson president, was a partner with Hooter's, had ANYthing to do with it. You be the judge. A semi-trailer in the parking lot which bore the Static name was painted out. The lit neon sign over the building entrance suggested that it was a sports bar, though it really wasn't.

After a year and a half of investment and remodelling, the operation has remained only borderline profitable and closed in early 2008. By early March, the structure had been bulldozed to rubble and the property was being advertised for development. In late June, land-grading was well underway to flatten the hilltop of the site to roadfront level.

10500 Hunnicutte Drive, [this address no longer exists following land grading - it is now Union Station Drive]
Seneca, South Carolina, 29678
864-882-CLUB (882-2582)