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1920 in Clemson History

Events that occurred in 1920:

  • Capt. J. D. Harcombe takes over as mess officer. He will serve until his death in 1946.
  • March 10: A mass student walk-out takes place in which more than 400 of the 779 cadets leave campus for home, protesting a "prison camp"-style military discipline, "unscrupulous," or "high-handed" treatment, and the eternal complaint of bad food. President Walter Merritt Riggs refers to the student body as "the Bolshevik Class of 1920." This walk-out leads to the creation of the Department of Student Affairs.
  • September 24: The Tigers open the season on Riggs Field, defeating Erskine, 26-0.
  • October 1: Clemson plays Presbyterian to a 7-7 tie on Riggs Field.
  • October 2: Clemson defeats Newberry, 26-6, on Riggs Field.
  • October 9: The Tigers beat Wofford, 13-7, on Riggs Field.
  • October 15: Clemson loses, 0-21, to Alabama Polytechnic College (later Auburn) on Riggs Field.
  • October 22: Former Clemson President Edwin Boone Craighead dies of apoplexy in Montana where he edited newspapers. (Idol, John L. Jr., "The Controversial Humanities Professor: Edwin Boone Craighead, 1893-1897", "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", McKale, Donald M., editor, Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 51.)
  • October 23: Clemson loses roadgame at Knoxville to Tennessee, 0-26.
  • October 28: The Tigers lose to the Gamecocks in Columbia, 0-3.
  • November 6: Clemson loses to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, 0-7.
  • November 11: Clemson defeats the Citadel, 26-0, in a game played in Orangeburg, South Carolina.
  • November 17: A musical program is presented in the Chapel (Tillman Auditorium) at 6:30 p.m. featuring vocal soloist Mrs. M. R. Tolstrup, and music by the Cadet Band, led by band director Cadet 1st Lieut. L. H. Lachicotte. Program from this event preserved in a scrapbook by Louis Hope Lachicotte, class of 1921, in Special Collections at the Strom Thurmond Institute.
  • November 20: The Tigers lose, 0-14, to Furman in Greenville, who will enjoy a 9-1 season.
  • November 25: Clemson is defeated by the University of Georgia in Athens, 0-55, for an 8-0-1 record. The Tigers finish 4-6-1.
  • November 27: A Rose O' Plymouth Town, a romantic comedy in four acts by Bealah [sic] Marie Dix and Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland, is given by the Senior Class in celebration of the Pilgrim Tercentenary, 1620-1920, directed by Ida Robbins Buist, in the College Chapel (Tillman Auditorium). A program from this event is preserved in a scrapbook by Cadet Louis Hope Lachicotte, class of 1921, in Special Collections at the Strom Thurmond Institute.

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