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1919 in Clemson History

The Class of 1919

Notable Alumni

Events that occurred in 1919:

  • The Clemson College Women's Club is founded. It will lapse in 1927 and be revived in 1947.
  • Albert Cleveland Corcoran (1919), of Charleston, South Carolina, composes what becomes Clemson's Alma Mater, and it is published in The Tiger.
  • President Walter Merritt Riggs is finally able to ease corrupt mess hall steward August "Shorty" Schilletter out of the college staff, seven years after Riggs uncovered and then suppressed tidings of some fifteen years of embezzlement by the generally well-liked Schilletter.
  • February 17: The Alma Mater, newly composed by A. C. Corcoran, is first performed by the Glee Club in chapel on Monday morning, February 17. (The Tiger, "Alma Mater", February 18, 1919, Volume XIV, Number 16, page 1.) The Tiger publishes the lyrics on February 18 and observed that "It went good. Learn it!" The paper also advised the cadets that "when this song is played or sung at student gatherings or on other occasions; all will stand with heads uncovered."
  • February 22: "One of the most delightful attractions ever given at Clemson was that rendered by the Hawaiian Singers on last Saturday evening. For more than two hours the large audience was held in charm by the wonderful music of the Hawaiian violin, guitar, and ukulele. Of the separate numbers, some of the most enjoyable were the guitar and ukulele duets, the "steel" guitar, and the ukulele solos. Probably the best part of the program was rendered last, for the entertainment closed with a native Hawaiian dance. Clemson is fortunate in that she is always able to secure the best attractions and of these the Hawaiian Singers are among the most appreciated." (The Tiger, "Hawaiian Singers Entertain", Tuesday, February 25, 1919, Volume XIV, Number 17, page 3.)
  • February 25: The Tiger publishes thanks to A. C. Corcoran for the contribution of his Alma Mater. "AN APPRECIATION"
Clemson at last has an "Alma Mater" which she can sing in praise of her heroes. To the author of this song we wish to extend our hearty thanks and deepfelt appreciation. In this small way, we, the Corps of Cadets, endeavor to show him that we are glad that there is a man among us who has both genius and spirit and who is willing to use it for his college.
To A. C. Corcoran we extend our thanks and appreciation for his work and, most of all, for his "Alma Mater." (Page 1.)
  • March 7: Memorial exercises held in the afternoon on "the grounds east of the college" to commemorate the war dead of Clemson College.
  • June: Month through which the operation of the Students' Army Training Corps was envisioned, but with quick end to the Great War on November 11, 1918, only five and half weeks after the S. A. T. C. was begun, all members of the military training program are mustered out by December 20.
  • August 1: Last day in the United States Senate for Asbury Francis Lever who had served since November 5. 1901.
  • September 27: Clemson crushes Erskine, 53-0, in season opener on Riggs Field. "That bunch sailed in from Due West on the 27th of September, and along with them came a scrappy looking chap answering to the name of Philips. In fact, the whole bunch put up a scrappy game and fought the Tigers hard, but, at the end of the fray the Tigers were leading with 53 points while Erskine failed to score against the Tigers. Both Harris and Banks played a great game for the Tigers, an' the only reason they did not score more points for the Purple and Gold was the fact Coach Donahue decided to give the scrubs a chance." (TAPS 1920, Volume XIII, page 166.)
  • October 3: The Tigers defeat Davidson at home, 7-0.
  • October 11: In a roadtrip to Georgia Tech, the Tigers are skunked, 0-28.
  • October 17: Second road game in a row results in second loss as Alabama Polytechnic College (later Auburn) defeats Clemson, 0-7.
  • October 25: Clemson hosts Tennessee, defeating the Volunteers, 14-0.
  • October 30: In annual Big Thursday game, played at the State Fair Grounds at noon (Official program in Special Collections, Strom Thurmond Institute, Series 44, Box 6, Folder 4A), Clemson defeats South Carolina, 19-6.
  • November 7: The Tigers defeat Presbyterian on Riggs Field, 19-7.
  • November 13: Clemson defeats the Citadel, 33-0, in a game in Orangeburg, South Carolina.
  • November 21: Clemson and Furman tie, 7-7, in Greenville. "It was in the Furman game that the first long-gain Clemson play was recorded, 70 yards from scrimmage by 'Switzer' Allison." ("Clemson Tigers: A History of Clemson Football 1896-1977" by Joe Sherman, The R.L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S.C., Revised edition 1978, Library of Congress card number 76-18584, page 174.)
  • November 27: In a road game to Athens, the Tigers tie Georgia, 0-0. Clemson has a 6-2-2 season.

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