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  • January 1: Clemson faces the Miami Hurricanes in a rematch in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida but loses this game, 14-0, for a 7-3 season record.
  • January 27: Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina awards its 10,000th degree.
  • Long-time Clemson fixture Dan Gentry opens a restaurant in the business structure directly across the Greenville Highway from the town's Post Office. "Dan's Restaurant" will survive into the mid-1970s.
  • The new chemistry building, Brackett Hall, is erected, and Hardin Hall is turned over to the School of Education.
  • September 20: Annual opening game doormat, Presbyterian, goes down again, 53-13, in night game in Memorial Stadium.
  • September 27: Villanova visits Clemson, drops Tigers, 7-14.
  • October 4: Third-ranked Maryland Terrapins shut out the Tigers in College Park, 0-28.
  • October 11: Clemson plays at Florida, losing, 13-54.
  • October 23: The Gamecocks defeat the Tigers, 0-6, in Columbia.
  • October 31: The Tigers secure 13-0 win over Boston College in a night game played at Braves Field.
  • November 8: Clemson travels to Fordham, tieing them, 12-12. In the first Varsity game he ever started, tailback Don King (5-11, 175 lbs.) from Anderson, gained 234 yards rushing. He recalled that he didn't complete a pass that afternoon "There was about a 40-mile-per-hour wind that day." (Martin, Johnny, "Death Valley: 72 Years of Exciting Football at Clemson University", Independent Publishing Co., Anderson, S.C., 1968, Library of Congress card number 68-58849, page 110.)
  • November 15: In a road game, the Tigers are defeated at Kentucky, 14-27.
  • November 22: Travelling to Alabama, Clemson is edged 0-3 by Auburn (who only has a 2-8 season), giving the Tigers a 2-6-1 record. The 2006 Tiger Football guide includes the footnote "Team was ineligible for SC Championship."

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