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January 1 in Clemson History

Events on January 1 in Clemson's History[edit]

  • 1902: The first "bowl" game is played in Pasadena, California as part of the Tournament of Roses (it would not become known as the Rose Bowl until 1922) between Stanford and Michigan, Michigan winning the first East-West college football game, 49-0, in front of a crowd of 8,000. The two schools each receive $3,500, and the Tournament of Roses realizes a profit of $3,161.86. Despite this, the football match part of the Tournament will not be repeated until New Years Day, 1916, although other "tournaments" are held including chariot races, auto races, ostrich races, and in 1913, a challenge between an ostrich and an elephant. (The pachyderm won that one...). (Jones, Todd, "The Second Season: How the Rise of the Bowls Shaped College Football", ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, ESPN Books, New York, New York, 2005, ISBN 1-4013-3703-1, page 1435.)
  • 1916: The Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California, mounts the second football game as part of the winter festivities for the first time since an initial game played in 1902. It will become known as the Rose Bowl in 1922 with the completion of a new stadium in the Arroyo Seco area of Pasadena. Washington State beats Brown, 14-0, in front of a crowd of 7,000. (Jones, Todd, "The Second Season: How the Rise of the Bowls Shaped College Football", ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, ESPN Books, New York, New York, 2005, ISBN 1-4013-3703-1, page 1435.)
  • 1921: One-shot bowl game, the Fort Worth Classic, is played by Centre and TCU in front of crowd of 9,000, Centre stomping Texas Christian, 63-7. Game is never mounted again. (ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, ESPN Books, New York, New York, 2005, ISBN 1-4013-3703-1, page 1603.)
  • 1931: Senior reserve guard and future Clemson head coach Frank Howard plays on Coach Wallace Wade's Alabama team in 24-0 defeat of Washington State in the Rose Bowl.
  • 1942: The federal government freezes the sale of private automobiles, although vehicles purchased but not yet delivered may be taken possession of.
  • 1949: Clemson Tigers complete their first undefeated football season since 1900, 11-0, beating the Missouri Tigers in the fourth annual Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, 24-23. This is the most successful match in the Gator Bowl Association's sponsorship and the attendance of Tiger fans literally saves the Gator Bowl from financial collapse as the first three years were less than sell-outs. The Gator Bowl Association will always hold a warm spot in their hearts for Clemson, as the team that saved the series. Then, as now, the Tigers travel well. Coach Howard will acknowledge this team as the one that saved his career for the rest of his days. ClemsonWiki administrator C. Mark Sublette's father, Richard A. Sublette was a left end with this squad.
  • 1951: Clemson's football team defeats the Miami Hurricanes, 15-14, in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida for a 9-0-1 season.
  • Clemson ends the 1951 football season ranked 20th in the Associated Press poll, but not ranked in the United Press International top twenty.
  • 1952: Clemson faces the Miami Hurricanes in a rematch in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida but loses this game, 0-14, for a 7-3 season record.
  • 1957: The Clemson Tigers face the Colorado Buffaloes for the first time in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, losing 21-27, for a 7-1-3 season record. This is also Clemson's first televised football game, aired on CBS. The Tigers are ranked nineteenth. Clemson will even the record in another bowl game in 2005.
  • 1959: Clemson football team plays the Louisiana State University Tigers in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana, losing 0-7, for a season record of 8-3. The game is televised by NBC, the Tigers' third appearance to be broadcast.
  • 1971: The Astro III theatre's target opening date for new "state of the art" cinema on Six Mile Road next to the Winn-Dixie. It will be a little late. Not until January 21 does the The Astro III host an exclusive showing of Twentieth Century Fox's film Tora Tora Tora.
  • 1978: New copyright laws go into effect governing such issues as public performance of marching band music. Previously, colleges and universities had been exempted from royalty fees for music played at sports events, concerts and dances.
  • 1982: The Clemson Tigers defeat the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 22-15, in the Orange Bowl for a 12-0 undefeated season, clinching the university's first National Championship.
  • 1988: The Tigers defeat the Penn State Nittany Lions in the Florida Citrus Bowl, 35-10, in Orlando, Florida for a season record of 10-2, 6-1 in conference for the ACC championship. Post-season polls list the Tigers at twelfth in the Associated Press, tenth in the United Press International, and at eleventh in the USA Today. This was Penn State Coach Joe Paterno's worst margin of defeat in a bowl game.
  • 1991: Clemson shuts out the twenty fifth-ranked Illinois Fighting Illini in the Hall of Fame Bowl in Tampa, Florida, 30-0, for a season record of 10-2, 5-2 in conference for second in the ACC. Season ending polls rank the Tigers ninth in the Associated Press, the United Press International, and the USA Today.
  • 1992: Clemson's five bowl winning streak ends as the Tigers fall to the eighth-ranked California Golden Bears in the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida, 13-37. Clemson season record is 9-2-1, 6-0-1 in conference for the ACC championship. Final polls place the Tigers eighteenth (Associated Press) and seventeenth (USA Today).
  • 1996: Clemson is abused in the 51st Toyota Gator Bowl played in the recently remodelled ALLTELL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, by the nineteenth-ranked Syracuse Orangemen, 0-41, the worst bowl drubbing ever. Syracuse freshman quarterback Donovan McNabb confounds all Clemson hopes in a rain-soaked, miserable game. The Tigers' season record is 8-4, 6-2 in conference, for third place in the ACC.
  • 2001: Clemson takes on sixth-ranked Virginia Tech in the 56th Toyota Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. Tigers fall, 20-41, to the Hokies as outstanding Tech sophomore quarterback Michael Vick runs for one touchdown and passes for another in his final collegiate game. Clemson ends season with 9-3 record, 6-2 in conference for second place in the ACC, and final rankings of sixteen (Associated Press) and fourteen (USA Today) in polls.
  • 2006 - With change in state liquor laws, mini-bottles are no longer mandated by the Alcohol and Beverage Control rules, and local lounges switch to free-pouring drinks.
  • 2007: The Mens tennis team in the Orange Beach Classic in Orange Beach, Alabama. The Men's basketball team is ranked 23rd by the Associated Press after a 14-0 start.
  • 2009: Clemson meets Nebraska for the first time since the 1981 championship season (and only the second time ever) in the Konica-Minolta Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. Useful facts for those thinking of carrying signs to the game: Names used by the Cornhuskers prior to 1900 - "Bugeaters" (the editor's favorite), "Tree Planters", "Nebraskans", "The Rattlesnake Boys", "Antelopes" and "Old Gold Knights"; "Cornhuskers" became the sole nickname used around 1900. 'Huskers prevail over the Tigers, 21-26.

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