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As part of the commonly used school colors (Northwestern purple being the third), Orange and White refers to three Clemson things. It should be noted that white is unofficial, but has been used heavily since the late 1970's as a better marketing tool.

Orange and White is a commonly used football stadium cheer dating from the late 1970s in which the Varsity cheerleaders on the home side and the Jayvee squad on the visitors side of Clemson Memorial Stadium lead the two halves of Death Valley in an "orange - white" cadence. Tiger Band members are known to helpfully yell "purple" in between.

The football intrasquad face-off played in April after a week of spring practice is known as the Orange and White game. Held in Death Valley, the public is invited to the free event and it regularly draws over ten thousand fans, eager for a glimpse of the promises of the upcoming season. A crowd estimated at 17,000 attended the 2006 game.

The Orange & White is the name of the official publication of IPTAY. Founded in 1977 as an independent sports newspaper covering Clemson athletics, the enterprise was acquired by the Clemson booster program a few years later, becoming the house organ. The Orange & White is published weekly from mid-August through the first week of March except the week of Christmas. It is bi-monthly in April and May and monthly in June and July.