October 26

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October 26 in Clemson History

  • 1897: Senior class meets to elect class orator. (The Chronicle, November 1897, V.1, N.2, page 46).
  • 1901: In the fifth trip to Athens in as many years, Clemson beats Georgia for the second time, 29-5, lifting the series record to 3-2, still in Georgia's favor.
  • 1912: The Tigers beat The Citadel for fourth straight time, 52-14, on Bowman Field. Tigers own series, 4-0. The Calhoun Literary Society holds a political debate with members representing Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, and "Bill" Taft, in a political meeting. (What - no Eugene V. Debs?)
  • 1922: Clemson eakes out win, 3-0, over the University of South Carolina in annual Big Thursday match at the state fair in Columbia.
  • 1967: The Clemson University Concert Series presents the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in the Field House at 8 p.m. (The Tiger, "Concert Series To Begin Season With Czech Philharmonic Orchestra", 1 September 1967, Volume LXI, Number 2, page 3.)
  • 1974: Clemson loses game to Tennessee in game played in Knoxville, 28-29, when the Vols "score" on touchdown pass to ineligible receiver in the fourth quarter - naturally the SEC refs rule it valid, and the Tigers go home mad. That night, Tiger Band members, staying at the Holiday Inn next to I-40 in Knoxville, change the marquee sign from "Welcome Vols Fans - Kids Eat Free Here" to "Eat Shit Vols". Altered sign stays up for about three hours, until a state trooper pulls in off the interstate, and suggests that the board be taken down. Drunken upperclassman alarms band members when he plays Spiderman across the decorative brick facade between balconies of the Holiday Inn. Another walks through a glass door behind a curtain - no injuries there either. Ahh, those were the rowdy days!
  • 1979: The Union sponsors an End of Summer Beer Bust at East Bank beach.
  • 1984: Dutch cross-country star athlete Augustinus "Stijn" Jaspers is found dead in his dorm room, stunning the university. An autopsy does not uncover a cause of death, but it is soon revealed that he had taken phenylbutazone, a pain drug, illegally supplied by Clemson coaches. (Steirer, Jr., William F., "The Outsider: Bill Lee Atchley, 1979-1985", McKale, Donald M., editor, "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 236.) "The prescription drug, which requires a physician's permission to use, had been obtained without prescription from a Nashville, Tennessee, druggist." (Wunder, John R., "A Good Sport: Walter Thompson Cox, 1985-1986", McKale, Donald M., editor, "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 253.)
  • 1988: Clemson President Max Lennon is elected to the Duke Power Company's board of directors. (Aucoin, Adrienne, staff writer, The Tiger, 4 November 1988, Volume 82, Number 11, page 2.)
  • 2006: The Anderson Sunshine House Help the Homeless Drive is held - collection locations at the Library Bridge, Hendrix Center, the Union, Tillman Place Apartments, and selected local stores. Hosted by Dr. Vander Mey's Sociology 311 Class, Department of Sociology, with Tigers Who Care, Gamma Phi Beta, and Bethel United Methodist Church (Pendleton). For information, contact Katie Reid ([email protected]) or Katy Zeanah ([email protected]). Clemson travels to Blacksburg for Thursday night match with Virginia Tech carried nationally on ESPN. Tigers lose, 7-24, the second loss of the season.
  • 2009: The Pita Pit of Clemson opens at 383 College Avenue.

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