August 23

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August 23 in Clemson History

Events on August 23 in Clemson's History

  • 1933: Clemson Assistant Coach Frank Howard marries Annie Tribble, formerly of Anderson, South Carolina.
  • 1946: The Jungaleers perform at a dance in Anderson.
  • 1967: Morning classes held on an abbreviated schedule, but afternoon classes meet as scheduled. (The Tiger, "Orientation - Long Lines And Even Longer Hours", 7 August 1967, Volume LXI, Number 1, page 1.)
  • 1980: Beer garden and outdoor concert sponsored by the Union at East Bank Beach.
  • 1988: A Pickens County grand jury indicts John Calvin Holland, on third-degree sexual assault. According to an article by Dean Lollis, assistant news editor, on page one of The Tiger, Friday, August 26, 1988, (Volume 82, Number 1), "Holland, a 34-year old male from Laurens, could be tried as soon as early next week. Public defender Redmond Coyle had asked that charges against Holland be dropped because the solicitor's office had shown no evidence of physical assault or mental coercion was used during the alleged assault. Magistrate John Robinson denied the request. Holland allegedly approached the freshman and told him he was a graduate student.Holland then asked the student if he would participate in an experiment and the student agree [sic]. Holland then "hypnotized" the student by placing pressure on his neck and sexually assaulted him. Holland could be linked to several similar incidents at Presbyterian College in Clinton, and Furman University in Greenville."
  • 1988: Frederick Rahn, 46, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, dubbed the "Daniel Flasher" after a series of appearances dating back to 1986, is indicted Tuesday morning by a Pickens County grand jury and charged with indecent exposure and disturbing school, according to James Brummit, chief investigator of the University police department. In an article by Andrew Cauthen, news editor for The Tiger, it is reported that Rahn was tracked down after a victim gave the police his license tag number. Rahn acquired his nickname in September 1987 after appearing to some females who were studying in a Daniel Hall classroom. Rahn has been arrested about one hundred times over a 29-year period for similar incidents, Brummit said, including cases in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Brummit said Rahn is presently receiving psychiatric care. "Rahn says that when he gets the urge to do it (expose himself), he doesn't have control over himself," Brummit said. "He's two people and when the other person takes over he has to go do it." Rahn is under medication that is supposed to keep him from flashing others. Brummit said Rahn told him that the medication does not work and that he will probably be back in Clemson. (The Tiger, Friday, August 26, 1988, Volume 82, Number 1, page 1).
  • 1995: Former Clemson Head Football Coach Hootie Ingram retires from the University of Alabama athletic director's position after the NCAA investigates improper student-agent contacts, as well as poor internal control of the program.
  • 2003: Spittoono XXIII, Massively Redneck, music festival held at the National Guard Armory baseball field.
  • 2005: Fred Shilstone, Professor of English, dies at his home. Dr. Shilstone had been with the English department since 1974. He was later buried in the Ramsey Creek Preserve in Westminster, in a natural burial. Alpha Omega Epsilon, a professional and social sorority composed of female engineering students and alumnae, founded November 13, 1983. On August 23, 2005 it becomes a recognized chapter on the Clemson University campus.
  • 2006: August 21-August 25 - The United States Army Corps of Engineers conduct a site inspection of the former Lake Issaqueena Bombing Range to discern the presence or absence of World War II munitions or munitions components.
  • 2007: Spittoono XXVII music festival held at the National Guard Armory.
  • 2009: Fan Appreciation Day in Death Valley, 3 p.m. Clemson senior Donovan Xavier Jones, 21, from Sumter, South Carolina, a National Scholars Program member and business manager for The Tiger, drowns while swimming in Issaqueena Lake in the Clemson Experimental Forest. He went under the water while swimming with friends and did not resurface. He was pronounced dead at 2:02 p.m., said Pickens County Coroner Kandy C. Kelley. An autopsy was planned for August 24 at Greenville Memorial Hospital. (Alongi, Paul, "Clemson student drowns", Greenville News, Monday 24 August 2009, page 2A.)

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