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James Stanley Newman, graduate of the University of Virginia, served as Clemson Agricultural College's first Professor of Agriculture from 1892 to 1905. He was married to the former Elberta Lewis. They had five children, two daughters, Alba and Mary Stanley and three sons, Lewis, Wilson and Charles Carter Newman,who served at Clemson as a Professor of Horticulture from 1896 to 1952.

Newman was born December 11, 1835, in Orange County, Virginia. Educated at the University of Virginia, he taught school until 1861 when he joined the Confederate Army the day that Virginia seceded. He was discharged in August 1862 on account of failure of health and ordered to a warm climate. He reentered the army in Georgia in the spring of 1864 and was again discharged the following winter.

He returned to Virginia in August 1865, and farmed until the summer of 1867. He returned to Georgia in August 1867 where he taught select school and farmed for eight years. In April 1875, he entered the Georgia State Department of Agriculture as editor of its publications. He then accepted the Chair of Agriculture at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, at Auburn, and the directorship of the Experimental Station. He organized the State Agricultural Society of Alabama and served three terms as its president.

He resigned both positions at the college in Alabama and accepted the Chair of Agriculture of Clemson College and head of the Agricultural Department in January 1892. He resigned in February 1894, and farmed near Atlanta, Georgia until June 1897 when he was re-elected Professor of Agriculture at Clemson. The Oconeean 1904, Volume Two, noted that Newman was at this time the Vice Director and Agriculturist of the Experimental Station, and Director of the Farmers' Institutes for the State, and that he had been a life member for 32 years of the American Pomological Society. (Page 15.)

Newman retired from the Clemson faculty in July 1905, and died on May 12, 1910.

Newman Hall is named for both professors.

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