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Frank Scott Shiver (March 28, 1871-December 30, 1907) was an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Analyses and Chemist with the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station from May 1901 to December 1907.

"Mr. Shiver, now Assistant Professor of Agricultural Analysis at Clemson, was born in Columbia, S. C., March 28, 1871. Entered South Carolina University in September, 1886, graduating from that institution, June, 1889, with the degree of Ph. G. From 1889 to 1890, he was a post-graduate student at the same institution, in the Department of Agricultural and Analytical Chemistry. Assistant Chemist South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station at Clemson from 1891 up the the present time; Instructor in Agricultural Analysis from 1896-1902. In 1903, he was elected to position he now holds." (The Oconeean 1904, Volume II, page 20.)

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