June 18

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  • 1948: On this date, President Robert F. Poole alerts the Trustees to the possibility of federal student housing legislation called the Lanham Act. Clemson conceives a plan to replace the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century housing with one large residence hall complex. Initially the administration requests permission to issue bonds for two million dollars, but by the time the architects and engineers complete their work, four million dollars in bonds are needed. Daniel Construction Company wins the low bid. Charles Daniel, the chairman of Daniel Construction Company, will become a life member of the Board of Trustees, joining in 1949. He will remain a life member until his death in 1964.
  • 1954: The Board of Trustees undertakes a management study with results that will lead to dramatic changes in the college's organization, operation, and outlook.
  • 2007: After a nationwide search, Clemson University has tapped an insider to be its new chief financial officer, President James F. Barker announced today. Brett A. Dalton, who has served as executive assistant to the vice president for academic affairs and provost since 1996, will become Clemson's top financial strategist effective June 29--term financial strategic planning, develop new resources and increase efficiency and accountability, Barker said. The CFO will report directly to the president as an executive officer of the university. Steve Copeland will continue to serve as interim chief business officer, providing leadership for ongoing budget and facilities planning and management. Separating these critical duties will allow us to bring greater focus and accountability to each area," said Barker.

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