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Nami's is an asian fusion resturaunt in Anderson.

General Info

It's really a great resturaunt. They serve tempura, some really excellent sushi (try the samurai roll), steaks, chicken, seafood, you name it. Everything has an asian feel to it, but it's not necessarily strictly one thing or another. They have a sushi bar, if you're so inclined, and tables that can easily handle large groups. There's even a party room. The servers are awesome, friendly and knowledgable. The atmosphere is relaxed. Depending on your tastes, you can get the standard appetizer - entree - dessert, or you can get a series of small dishes to share with everyone at your table.

Dress is probably business casual, but it's right on the lake & docks, and a lot of folks come in after a day on the water in shorts, so don't feel obligated to get dressy. Prices are variable - if you stick with small things, you can probably get by at $10-$15 per person (especially if you share in a large group). If you go all out, things can escalate quickly to $25, $30, $40+ per person.

The chef at Nami's is literally world famous. When a meeting of Japanese teachers met in Clemson a few years ago, there were many requests to go to Nami's, which they had actually heard of in Japan. Impressive.


Nami Asian Bistro
1629 Marina Rd
Anderson, SC
(864) 287-3219


Take US 76 east, toward I-85, and make a right after the Bi-Lo in Pendleton onto 187. Follow it south, across I-85, until you hit a stoplight and it looks like you either have to turn left or right. There's a gas station in front of you, and to the right of it, a small little road going past it. Take that road (straight at the light, more or less) back, over some speedbumps, and Nami's will be on your left.

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